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Series: Reflections

“Anesthesia” is a part of Alex Sher’s popular series REFLECTIONS underwater photographs that could be almost mistaken for abstract paintings as they bring up recollections of masterpieces by Picasso, Dali or Gustav Klimt. In fact REFLECTIONS are straight photographic capturing of the water’s surface from below, with a submerged underwater camera. The photographs freeze natural momentary reflections in water surface the unique kaleidoscopic fragmentations of human body into nearly unrecognizable forms.
It is these bold accents of color, mesmerizing textures, dramatic lines, and distinctive distortions that make Sher’s works unique highly advisable masterpieces.

Lost in a sea of rich saturation of dark and light blue colors, a feminine form gracefully traverses the expanse of the water. Alex Sher’s “Anesthesia” invites us into an abstracted alternate reality, the other side of the mirror. As if we were immersed in an aquatic version of Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”, Sher’s photography masterfully captures a beautiful magical underwater world where rapidly releasing bubbles mirror the cosmos. Calm in her stride, we are left disoriented does she glide above us or is she trapped below?
2022 - Moevir (Paris, France)
2022 - 6x Portrait (USA)
2022 - Art Market (USA)
2022 - Redwood Art Group (USA)
2021 - FRAMES (USA)