Alex Sher is an award-winning American underwater fine art photographer internationally recognized for his distinctive depictions of feminine sensuality.
Sher was born in Ukraine and moved to the United States with his family in 1995.
Sher started showing his photographs in the early nineties in Kyiv, Ukraine. He was considering himself an emerging artist until one of his pieces was stolen from an exhibition in Kyiv, leading him to the epiphany that his works represented a significant value to the public.
Later in US Sher began experimenting with marine wildlife photography and sharply moved toward figurative fine art. His latest artistic innovations blend figurative and abstract photography into forms that could be almost mistaken for abstract paintings.
Sher’s underwater photography began to attract extensive interest in 2015. To date, his works have been exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other major cities including the Louvre Museum in Paris. His first solo show was held in 2016 in Los Angeles by Bruce Lurie Gallery. Since his debut, Sher had seven exclusive exhibitions, participated in numerous group exhibitions and prominent art fairs.
Sher's photographs are published in 52 magazines articles in 11 countries. His first photo book “Mermaids” has been published in 2018.
Sher mastered the profession of underwater coaching. Bringing forth his technical and artistic innovations, he generously shares his techniques with his models and aspiring photographers.

Art Shopping Paris 2023 (Carrousel du Louvre, France)
LA Art Show 2023 Los Angeles (personal booth)
Beverly Hills Art 2023 Beverly Hills (personal booth)
Roth & Taylor Gallery 2021 Los Angeles (personal exhibition)
Spectrum 2022 Miami (personal booth)
Beverly Hills Art 2022 Beverly Hills (personal booth)
Art San Diego 2022 San Diego (personal booth)
LA Art Show 2022 Los Angeles (personal booth)
CadFab 2021 Los Angeles (personal exhibition)
LA Art Show 2021 Los Angeles (personal booth)
Touchon Gallery 2019 Los Angeles
Annenberg Space for Photography Water 2019 Los Angeles
Artexpo 2019 New York (personal booth)
Touchon Gallery 2019 Los Angeles
Gallery NI 2019 San Diego
Lark Gallery 2019 Los Angeles
Natural History Museum 2018 London
Natural History Museum 2018 New York
Natural History Museum 2018 Los Angeles
Central House of Artist 2018 Moscow
Avalon Hall 2017 Los Angeles (personal exhibition)
Larisa Rubijevsky 2017 Los Angeles (personal exhibition)
Bruce Lurie Gallery 2016 Los Angeles (personal exhibition)
Ken Blackford 2016 Los Angeles (personal exhibition)
Louvre 2015 Paris
On The Edge 2013 San Francisco
Gallery Godo 2012 Los Angeles

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year - 2017
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Scuba Diving Magazine 2016 US

"Mermaids" 2018, 88 pages hardcover
ISBN 978-1-5323-6613-0