Prins for Sale
Four years ago I wrecked my sailboat and was selfmedicating with vodka at a Russian restaurant when I suddenly noticed a cute girl hanging from the ceiling right above my glass. She was not only beautiful, she was a dancer too, and she agreed to model for me underwater.
Two days later, if you stopped by my pool you’d see a fully dressed ballerina with her hands underwater and me wriggling at the bottom around her dance e shoes. I kept asking her to tie and untie her pointe hypnotized by the small hands entwined in ribbons and light. I took quite a few pictures that day. This one is my favorite.
2022 - Moevir (Paris, France)
2022 - Redwood Art Group (USA)
2022 - Photohouse Magazine Aarhus (Denmark)
2021 - The STYLE Researcher (Italy)
2021 - Chiiz (USA)
2019 - PDN Photo District News (USA)