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Series: Reflections

The strength and patience of the feminine form resound in the echoing smile of Alex Sher’s underwater photograph “Surprise”. The female body becomes almost unrecognizable as the nude colors of the skin, the vivacious reds of the garments, and the tranquil blues of the water morph and fuse into one another.

“Surprise” is a part of Alex Sher’s popular series REFLECTIONS underwater photographs that could be almost mistaken for abstract paintings as they bring up recollections of masterpieces by Picasso, Dali or Gustav Klimt. In fact REFLECTIONS are straight photographic capturing of the water’s surface from below, with a submerged underwater camera.
2023 - Moevir (Paris, France)
2023 - Miami to Manhattan lifestyle magazine (USA)
2023 - LA Weekly (USA)
2023 - TREND MAG (USA)
2022 - 6x Portrait (USA)
2022 - Art Market (USA)
2022 - UnTold Magazine Fine Art (Athens, Greece)
2022 - Moevir (Paris, France)
2021 - FRAMES (USA)
2021 - Lens Magazine (USA)