Porcelain II
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Porcelain II
Series: Porcelain

An underwater nude photograph of a young woman on neutral black background.

Porcelain aside from being an exquisite material is the name of my project. The premise of the project my best underwater photos in a porcelain color scheme on a black background with no dress, no face, nor second pictures for the same model. The project started in 2017.
This is the second photo from the Porcelain series.
2023 - Miami to Manhattan lifestyle magazine (USA)
2023 - TREND MAG (USA)
2023 - Fienfh (Paris, France)
2022 - Moevir (Paris, France)
2022 - 6x Portrait (USA)
2022 - Lens Culture Editor s Pick (USA)
2022 - PUMP Magazine (USA)
2022 - UnTold Magazine Fine Art (Athens, Greece)
2022 - LensWork Book Trilogies (USA)
2021 - The STYLE Researcher (Italy)
2021 - Chiiz (USA)
2021 - Cont Art Curator Mag (USA)
2021 - Moevir (Paris, France)